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We should all be concerned for the future of Illinois. Employment opportunities are shrinking and leaving the state, while state government is swelling and spreading. “More government” has never been a formula for prosperity. We cannot trust our future to the masters of mismanagement. We need to put the adults back in charge, put government in its proper place, and enable the competent and resourceful people of Illinois to thrive and prosper. We need to take the future back for Illinois.

I am a veteran, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, having served 27 years in the active Army and the Illinois Army National Guard. I currently serve as Superintendent of the Henry County Veterans Assistance Commission. I will fight for the deserved respect and earned benefits of fellow veterans, and I will fight to keep our Illinois National Guard strong.

I am a farmer and a father. I have served over 17 years on the AlWood (Alpha-Woodhull) Board of Education. I believe first the parents then the community have the foremost compelling interest in the education of children. When Springfield burdens the schools with education mandates (and leaves finances in doubt), their long-distance one-size-fits-all factory-style micromanagement hamstrings the local school board and puts valuable programs and resources in jeopardy.

About me:

• decorated Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran; Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge

• served western Illinois in the Illinois Army National Guard

• father of two adult sons, Mark and Matt

• strong family principles

• 5th generation Swanson family farmer

• member, Alpha Baptist Church

• conservative constitutional values

• common sense approach to problem solving

• believes politics is a public service – NOT a profession

About my approach to serving you:

cut spending to balance the budget

• bring employers and job opportunities back to Illinois           

support agriculture and related businesses

advocate for veterans and emergency responders

serve you with honesty, integrity, and honor

• listen to you!


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